Should You Buy or Lease Your Next Jeep at Olympia Jeep?


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There is a lot to consider when getting ready for your next vehicle and one of the more important decisions is whether to buy or lease. First, understand your life variables. Such as, marriage, divorce, a new job, loss of a job, expecting a child or expanding your family, your lifestyle, and your commute to work. Once you understand how your lifestyle or changes have affected your buying decisions, you can then decide if you should lease or not.

For you the buyer, your main intent is to keep your vehicle and pay it off. Ask yourself these 5 questions:

  • How long have you owned your vehicle you have now? Did you put cash down? If so, how much?
  • How long did you own the vehicle before this one? The one before that? This will establish how you purchase vehicles.
  • How many miles a year do you drive?
  • How much maintenance have you done on your vehicles?
  • What kind of fuel mileage are you currently getting?

When you buy, you pay for the entire cost of a vehicle, regardless of how many miles you drive it or how long you keep it. Monthly payments are higher than for leasing. You typically make a down payment, pay sales taxes in cash or roll them into your loan, and pay an interest rate determined by your loan company based on your credit score. You make your first payment a month after you sign your contract. Later, you may decide to sell or trade the vehicle for its resale or trade value.

When you lease, you pay only a portion of a vehicle’s cost, which is the part that you “use up” during the time you’re driving it. Leasing is a form of financing and is not the same as renting. You may have the option of not making a down payment, you pay sales tax only on your monthly payments (in most states), and you pay a financial rate, called money factor, that is similar to the interest on a loan. You may also be required to pay fees and possibly a security deposit the that you don’t pay when you buy. You make your first payment at the time you sign your contract – for the month ahead. At lease-end, you may either return the vehicle or purchase it for its resale value.